Fitness Update

During my exercise session last night with Erin Long, she recognized my back and shoulder issues when I was doing a sort of reverse crunch. On my back on the mat, I was supposed to bend my knees, feet on mat, then pick my legs up (with knees bent), swinging them up over my body, and then put my feet back down on the mat. It was actually like a sit up, only my lower body was doing the bending. This was to be done with my back flat on the mat and my shoulders touching it, and my hands were to be tucked under my rear end.

Not me lifting weights

Well, it didn’t quite work that way. I tried pretty hard to put my shoulders down on the mat, but they just wouldn’t go. I wasn’t surprised, because I’ve experienced many times the frustration of trying to lie flat on my back. I usually hear some crunching sounds in my spine as I try to relax my back and shoulder muscles so that they loosen up some and let the bones fall where they may. The bones never fall far enough, however, to make total contact with the floor.

Erin said she’d talk to a physical therapist she knows very well to see if she could get some advice on how I can try to correct my stubborn back and shoulders. I am open to any suggestions.

Apart from that reverse crunch, I was able to do just about everything else. The session was very dynamic and I experienced pronounced “discomfort” several times, although it was not painful. I sometimes draw stick figures on paper to remind myself of the various exercises. I didn’t do that yet with last night’s exercises. I think I can remember them without the drawings, considering that they were so memorable. It would be hard to forget them. I would say each session contains 8 to 10 different exercises, with 3 repetitions of each. That’s more than enough to make me feel as if I’ve accomplished something.

I felt pretty good this morning. But as the day wore on and my muscles started realizing what they endured last night – HOLY COW. I’m pretty sore right now. And I have a feeling I’ll be even more sore tomorrow. It usually works that way.

Thanks Erin, for bringing me to even higher levels of that good DISCOMFORT!

No, that’s not me in the photo. But I DO WEAR A BUSINESS SUIT while exercising, just like Reagan always did. I don’t always smile like he did, though.

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