Fitness Update

Erin Long did not leave pushups off the agenda last night. In fact, she ordered up three 30 second rounds of pushups at the very beginning of the session. Most of the night’s activities, in fact, were conducted by way of clock rather than by way of math. Erin kept track of the time and her students did not have to count. I actually prefer this way of exercising, which is the method I use while biking or using my elliptical trainer. Distance is not so important as time spent doing the activity. If I ever become competitive, I might start thinking about distance within a certain time period. Till then, I’ll just watch the clock.

Besides pushups, Erin served up a menu that included abdominal crunches (regular and reverse) and a number of exercises involving weights. Bending with weights, pushing weights up from the sides, pushing weights back from the front, pushing weights up and out from the shoulders, and balancing on an upended dumbbell with one foot while spinning an exercise ball on our fingertips.

Just kidding on that last one. I wanted to see if you were paying attention.

We also did some aerobic stuff, like running in place, pretend rope jumping in place, and shadow boxing. The latter brought back some memories of my early days as a young man, punching my way out of difficult situations and converting adrenalin and testosterone into violent acts against my fellow young men. I was just punching air last night, though. No adrenalin or other natural chemicals at work.

The most difficult exercise for me last night was this one: on my back, legs up in the air, alternately touching left foot with right hand and right foot with left hand. This exercise was in the last set of exercises for the evening and I was suitably exhausted when Erin blew the whistle. Erin doesn’t really blow a whistle. She just tells us when to stop. I was grateful when she gave us the final stop command last night.

The relaxation period after the exercise session was pretty interesting. I could not relax, as my heart rate was up pretty high and it took nearly the entire relaxation period for it to get back to normal. So I just lay there, sweating on the bolster and thinking about how good a shower would feel later.

I was right. The shower was good.

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