Fitness Update

I’ve decided to file my posts concerning my exercising (whatever form) in a new category named “Fitness.”

I spent a half hour on my bike this afternoon. I usually like at least 45 minutes, but the wind was so strong from the west that I worked twice as hard going in that direction. So I figured I got at least as much resistance training today as I do in a normal, longer session.

After my bike ride, I spent an hour practicing the exercises I learned from Erin Long. I think I covered them all, but I’ll find out Monday when I return to the Kachmann Institute facility at the Lutheran Hospital campus.

The only muscle soreness I’m experiencing now is in my upper chest, near my collar bones. See the image at right. My sore muscles are in there somewhere. Pretty gross when you think about it, but that’s what we all look like inside, more or less. In my case, it’s probably much less considering how weak and puny I am in my upper body. Among other exercises, I do pushups (10 at a time) and various forms of arm bends using 5 and 6 pound weights. It doesn’t sound like much, but after a number of repetitions the weights get heavier and heavier. The most difficult exercise for me so far is the pushup. I can do 10 at a time, but each repetition gets more difficult until the last one is downright grueling. I can feel crunching in my shoulders and my clavicles when I do them. Kind of scary, but at least I know something is trying to change. Hopefully for the better.

Another exercise that seems to be accomplishing something is the bicycle thing I do on my back. With my hands behind my head, I alternate touching my knees with my elbows, right to left and vice versa. Although I haven’t been able to actually touch an elbow to a knee yet, the sounds I hear and the stuff I feel inside my joints and muscles is pretty dramatic. Again, I can tell something is trying to change.

I’ve been trying to consciously sit more upright and also work my back muscles while I sit. I can hear an occasional crunch and pop in my spine as I do this, signaling that the bones are moving. Is this good? I have no idea. I do think, though, that it means I’ve loosened up the muscles and the spine to some extent, meaning that it might be possible to change the way they interrelate.

I haven’t worked up a sweat doing these exercises so far. I can do that on my bike or on my elliptical trainer. After a session, I spend a few minutes lying on a bolster, with my spine parallel to it. Feels pretty good. Each time I do that, I can hear my spine speak to me. “You must work hard to change me. I am a stubborn structure.”

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