General Update

Some recent events:

I spent 1 exciting hour in open training last night. We used the 4 station method of working our buns off. Each station offered its own interesting slant on conditioning. Each was useful in its own way. I’m not saying what the 4 stations consisted of, except to say that each consisted of a special device. Sounds pretty kinky, eh? At any rate, when the hour was finished after we had spent the last 5 minutes or so doing intense crunches, I was pretty well wiped out. The drive home, sitting on my butt and letting the car do the work, was so gratifying.


Several days ago, while getting my bike ready for spring riding, I came across my cable lock. It was not locked, luckily. I picked it up, looked at the 4-digit combination dial, and wondered what the combination was. I had set the combination last year when I purchased the lock. When you buy those things, they have a default combination and the packaged instructions tell you what it is. The instructions also explain how to reset the combination to one of your own liking. I followed the instructions for changing the combination last year. All of the instructions, that is, but one. I FAILED TO WRITE DOWN WHAT THE NEW COMBINATION WAS.

After fiddling with the infernal machine for 15 minutes, carrying it around with me for an hour (hoping I’d recall the combination), and trying every logical 4 number sequence I could think of, I gave up trying. I finally figured out a way to determine the combination. If you ever run into this situation, let me know and I’ll tell you how to figure it out. When I determined the combination, I was pleased. But I was also perplexed. The combination turned out to be 6923. Where on Earth did I come up with that string of numbers?? I have no idea. They represent nothing in my life, such as part of my social security number of the last four digits of my phone number or that of anyone I know.

Finally, I stopped fuming over my poor choice for a combination and changed it to the last 4 digits of a number I’m very familiar with. I won’t say what those four numbers are, just in case anyone reading this who covets my bike might consider ripping it off sometime. My bike is so cool, everyone wants it.


I’m up to Page 145 in the final review of my novel. When I finish this portion of the process, I’ll have 264 pages of marked-up text that I will have to revise in Microsoft Word according to the editing notes. Then I’ll be finished and will be able to attempt to market it.


Tru-Green visited us today and applied the first spring dose of fertilizer. Now I owe them $36 and change. The vole tracks in the back yard will take all spring and summer to disappear, even with the Tru-Green fertilizer. It might be time to call in the heavy artillery.


I emptied my 401K and put the funds in a Rollover IRA the other day. Now I can distribute the money anywhere I want within the IRA and won’t be hindered by the few funds in the 401K. You can do this when you turn 60. I’ll bet you can’t wait.

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