Hanging Out

I hang out in very few places. One of them is in the “office” at home. This is a photo of one corner of that office. Home OfficeYes, it’s a mess. But you should have seen it a few months ago. Anyway, this is only only a portion of the office. There are also books on shelves mounted high on the walls to keep them out of the way. Not only are they out of the way, they are out of my reach! So I had to procure a 4 step ladder to reach even the bottom shelf.

I was prepared to deal with this, having planned the shelves and installed them myself. The biggest problem with shelves that high is that I often have difficulty finding a particular book, especially since the books aren’t organized in a way that fosters quick access. That’s my own fault, of course. The books were once organized, in a previous existence in another location. Moving into this house, however, caused them to be randomly scattered into boxes without labels. Being in a hurry to get everything into this house so we could close the doors and get a good night’s sleep, I virtually threw the books onto shelves with no regard as to title, author, or subject. Here are the books on one wall. Books on wall Can you make out the titles? I can’t either!

Seriously though, I recommend this kind of library to everyone, especially if you have books you don’t want to get into the hands of young kids. Not that I have books like that, but it’s always something to take into consideration. You might sell your home eventually to a collector of pornographic literature and having shelves up this high would add some value to your home, at least in the estimation of the pornographer.

That’s pretty silly. I think the biggest advantage to this arrangement is that the shelves and books don’t take up any real living space. You can have all your books and hang out in the same room. That’s pretty cool. Especially if you’re someone like me who hangs out in only a few places.

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