It became very hot and humid around these parts this afternoon. This is more like what this bit of summer is supposed to be like, so the heat and humidity are fine with me. Hot CandlesI’m uncomfortable when the weather pattern is odd for the time of year, and I mean psychologically uncomfortable. I don’t want to think that the climate will change permanently during my short stay here, even though I think I’ve already seen some noticeable changes in winters since my childhood. I used to think that my observations might have been imaginary, influenced by articles I read and discussions I heard about global warming. I also considered the idea that what I was sensing regarding hot summers and warm winters could be attributed to my aging, and how my older self reacted to heat and cold. I’m sure now that this is not the case. I believe our climate has changed and continues to change. I can do little about it, apart from attempting to adjust to the change and hope that everyone else can too. At some point, the change will outpace our ability to cope evolutionarily and we will die off. Or not. I won’t be around to find out which it will be. On the brighter side, someone will get to see who was right, the believers in climate change or the deniers.

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