So once (and twice) again we’re hearing about the sexual escapades of politicians. Are we really surprised?Mark_Sanford,_Congressional_photo

Perhaps you believed these guys when they expressed disdain for people with moral standards that don’t quite measure up to the standards that they themselves professed to possess. How many times have we seen moralizers like them exposed as hypocrites? How many more will we see?Eliot_Spitzer

Politicians don’t provide the only glaring examples of moral turpitude. What about all the priests and preachers who have been identified as pedophiles, drug dealers, thieves, and general miscreants? They, like politicians, are in positions of power. They, like politicians, inform us of the immoral behavior of others. They, like politicians, are only human like the rest of us.

Take what politicians, priests, and preachers say with the understanding that they are no better, and no worse, than you and me. They are just as likely to fuck up as anyone else. The only difference between them and us is that when they do, it’s a really big deal. Their hypocrisy is heightened by their rhetoric and their power positions. When they fuck up, man, it’s quite a story. Then we all shake our heads and wonder at the gullibility of those who believed them. And who was that?

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