I Am Sore

Believe it or not, after a full year of workouts with Erin Long, I still get sore. In fact, I think I’m more sore after Monday night’s session than after any of the previous sessions.

Maybe it’s my imagination, but I don’t think so. I am hurting. All over.

I’ve been undergoing deep massage sessions with Shawn Watson at Fort Wayne Medical Massage & Body Work. Shawn is a big fellow with strong hands. He can get into muscles and force them into submission. He’s been getting my back and thigh muscles loosened up so that my posture will improve. I saw a difference after the first session and now, after the third, the improvement is more pronounced.

I’ve only had one other massage besides the ones with Shawn. It was several years ago, and was the kind of massage that is supposed to relax you and make you feel good. I believe the masseur accomplished the goal, but the experience was pretty much forgettable afterwards. Shawn’s massages make you feel good, but AFTER he finishes, not during the process. I must say that there is some discomfort from time to time during the sessions, particularly when Shawn’s trying to loosen tight hamstrings or quadriceps. OUCH! The sessions are experiences not soon to be forgotten.

But I’ve had virtually no muscle discomfort after the sessions. It’s pretty amazing.

Shawn asked me this afternoon if I do sit-ups. I told him that I don’t do full-fledged sit-ups but that I do crunches (and quite a few at that). He suggested that the crunches are not helping my posture situation because I have strong abdominal muscles but I have relatively weak back muscles. He suggested I put more emphasis on my back by doing exercises such as rowing or lifting dumbbells in such as way that my back is forced into work. Shawn asked if there is a rowing machine at Kachmann Mind Body Institute. I believe that there is not. I’ll talk to Erin about this. Perhaps she can come up with a plan.

Some people have suggested that riding a bicycle is not conducive to good posture. I have a mountain bike, so my posture is not quite as radical as someone riding a road bike. But my handlebars are mounted fairly low and yes, I do lean over quite a bit while riding. But I’m determined not to look like Almira Gulch on my bike no matter what.

One thought on “I Am Sore

  1. Unfortunately, your link to Fort Wayne Medical Massage& Bodywork was not sanctioned by them (us). I never told them to place our advertising under “Physical Therapy”. And, the verbage is not ours either. I’ll have to get after the design dept. at the yellow pages.

    Shawn Watson.

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