Keurig B30 MINI

I have a Keurig B30 MINI coffee maker. After having used it for 6 months, I’m taking bids for it.

If you’re familiar with the Keurig coffee makers, you know that they’re built to accommodate prepackaged, disposable, individual ground coffee containers. You may also know that the cost of those prepackaged coffee containers is much greater than the cost of standard loose coffee grounds.

Early on in my use of the B30, I purchased a reusable metallic coffee filter for it. I found that the cost of convenience of the prepackaged stuff far outweighed the cost of the inconvenience of adding coffee grounds to a reusable filter.

Also early on in my use of the B30, I realized that my coffee consumption would have to diminish. There were four reasons for that: One, the B30 makes only one cup at a time. Two, water must be fetched and poured into the machine for each cup brewed. Three, if using the reusable filter, it must be emptied, rinsed, and refilled for each cup. Four, the output of the B30 amounts to about 1/2 of my previously normal coffee portion. In effect, I had sentenced myself to a life with reduced coffee consumption.

A couple of other disadvantages of the B30 came to light. The coffee cup must be placed under the output spout and the space for the cup is limited. Cups taller than 4½” will not fit. Cups 3½” in diameter or larger will not fit. I also found that some cups small enough to fit still would not work. I think it has something to do with the shape of the cup not triggering the button that lets the computer know a cup is ready.

Another disadvantage is that many buttons must be pushed to accomplish the task at hand. For starters, the “On” button must be pushed twice to turn on the unit. Then the large “Push to Open” button on top must be pushed to open the area where the coffee grounds are placed. When that is accomplished, the door to the water reservoir opens. After pouring water in, the reservoir door is pushed closed. THEN, you must push the flashing “BREW” button to start the brewing process. All this pushing just pushed me to my limit.

I finally surmised that the Keurig B30 is a good example of one of my pet peeves: Its utility and efficiency is hampered by the rigidity of its systems.

So, what am I bid?

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