Lady Gaga

I admit it. I’m a fan of Lady Gaga. I friended her on Facebook. I follow her, and several Gaga-related tweeters, on Twitter. I watch her videos. I listen to her songs on the radio. I think she’s cool.Lady Gaga

At least, she is cool now. Yes, this could change in a few months or years. Is Gaga a flash in the pan? Will she continue to thrill and titillate, or fall into a celebrity spiral and crash like so many of the young, dynamic, and wildly popular stars have done in the past few years?

Some people watch every move Gaga makes. She has a way of making people watch her. People fantasize about her, blog about her, write letters to her, wonder if she is a hermaphrodite, and pretty much become obsessed with her. Something in the way she dresses and behaves is addicting for people that are prone to hero worship and celebrity watching. I’m not addicted to Gaga at this point. I just think she’s pretty cool. I suppose she could become an addiction for me, however. I’ll try to control my doses of Gaga and make sure I don’t start listening to her music or watching her videos before noon. I’ll also try to quit thinking about becoming a Gaga groupie. I promise.

In the meantime, I’ll follow Gaga as best I can, hoping that she’ll behave herself and take care of herself. If she stumbles from time to time, that’s OK. That can happen to anyone. I just hope nothing worse ever happens to LADY GAGA!

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