Large Capitalism

Fat GuyThe attempts to limit food intake could be viewed as an attack on capitalism. I mean, aren’t we discussing ways to hinder people’s ability to purchase and consume any products they want? Why should anyone want to control the flow of capital for any reason? If we can somehow convince people to eat less, won’t we be faced with the possibility that some food companies will have to lay people off, close some outlets, and perhaps even go Chapter 11? It’s not only the companies dealing in food. Don’t forget the many companies that have made fortunes on exercise equipment, diet books, clothing for the full-figured, diet pills, herbal remedies, and artificial knees and hips that replace their natural counterparts worn out by their blubberous burdens. All this because fatness is offensive to others and unhealthy for the fat people. We must think this through. Can our nation really stand the shock of trimming down the populace, especially in the current economic crisis?

Just something to think about.

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