Marathon Training Ended

My training for the Austin Marathon ended on November 1, after completion of a five mile run.

Training had been going along well. I had made it to the third week with no problems. Most of the runs were 3 miles; the longest was eight. My legs seemed to be adjusting well to the running after having been out of action for a long time. Following the advice of experts, I tried to ease into the routine and use a very slow pace for the longer runs. Weather was cooperating.

On the morning of Thursday, October 30, I received an influenza inoculation. The only immediate reaction to the shot was a sore arm. My training schedule called for a three mile run that day. I completed it with no problem. In fact, my time for the three miles was the fastest since I started the schedule. I felt good afterward – for a while. As the afternoon wore on, I felt more and more like I was coming down with a virus. My body ached and I felt as if I might have a fever. I attended a yoga session that evening after I started to feel a bit better. That was probably a bad decision because I felt weak throughout the one hour session and I struggled to stay up in a couple of the positions. I went to bed that night feeling weak.

The next day, Friday, October 31, was a rest day. My flu shot symptoms slipped away as the day progressed. By nighttime, I felt much better.

Saturday, November 1, I was scheduled for a five-miler. Temperature was about 36 degrees. Average wind speed was 25 mph out of the north. I completed the five miles at a very slow pace of 10 minutes, 44 seconds per mile. I felt OK when I finished, and walked a couple of blocks before returning home. I did some stretching before resting.

As the day wore on, I started feeling discomfort in my left ankle. The discomfort was on the outside of the foot below the ankle bone. The discomfort gradually turned into minor pain. I didn’t think about treating the symptoms, thinking they would probably just go away.

The next day, the ankle still bothered me. I started icing the ankle and continued the icing, off and on, for several days. I decided to stop training until the pain went away. By Saturday, November 8, the pain was gone. Unfortunately, I got overly optimistic and tried running again. I ran a very short distance before I knew that I couldn’t go on. The pain returned, and I was now having discomfort in the right ankle as well as the left. I stopped about a quarter mile out and walked back home. I was frustrated, but finally realized that I had to cease all activity for a while. Plenty of rest, lots of icing, and a few heat applications later, things seem to be getting back to normal. I’ve worked out several times and have attended several spin classes with no problem.

I guess I’ll return to the bicycle for a while.

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