Missing Geese

I didn’t think I would ever say this, but I miss our geese. They’re not really our geese, of course. But I got used to seeing them (the family, I mean) and I observed them for the past months on the pond and surrounding land as the goslings grew into young adults. The young ones were awfully cute when they were little and fluffy. GoosyAs the days and weeks and months wore on, they increased in size gradually until, during the past few weeks, it was difficult to differentiate between them and the adults. I had hoped to watch the young ones learn how to fly. I never saw them even attempt to fly, but now they’re gone. The whole family must have flown away.


I was wrong. I just looked out the window and saw the family, cruising in the pond alongside another group of geese. Hey guys! Welcome back!

Boy, am I being silly. I need to get back to reality. Those geese will waddle up on my lawn and crap all over it without the least bit of remorse. They’ll eat my grass, then make their way to my driveway and crap all over that too. They’ll hiss at me if I try to shoo them away, and drop a couple of turds before finally making their way to the neighbor’s yard, where they’ll work up a new batch of lawn droppings for him. And here I am, thinking I’m relieved that they really haven’t flown away for good. Talk about being conflicted. You could also say ambivalent. Or you could say silly.

They really have been fun to watch, for the most part, and not only because what they do. I’ve watched neighbors throw rocks at them, spray water at them, run at them, and make funny sounds at them to get them off the lawns. The geese usually leave, but only after some form of protest. Our neighbors are just as silly as I am, thinking that they actually own the land that the county charges them property tax to live on. They should realize that the land is owned by the geese, the ducks, and the other creatures who eat the foliage on it and leave their calling cards behind. Geese don’t understand property rights. They only understand where the grass is and how to get at it.

That’s what is most interesting about them, for me. They just keep doing what they are wont to do, humans be damned. And they bring out the most interesting behavior in humans. I love to watch humans do silly things. It’s just like watching America’s Funniest Videos, only without the videos.

So, you see, I’d be missing a lot of action and tons of fun if the geese left for good. And my neighbors would have to find some other nuisance to focus on.

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