Mobile Post

I’m writing this blog post while visiting my son Pat and his family near Chesterton, IN. I installed a WordPress app on my BlackBerry that facilitates posting via a smartphone. I haven’t mastered the BlackBerry keyboard yet, so composing posts goes pretty slow. But it’s still a cool way to write silly stuff that most people don’t have the slightest interest in. I haven’t posted anything for a few days so I figured I’d practice this remote process and keep my blog active. I really have a more substantial post underway but haven’t made the time to compose it. I get many ideas but would have to stay awake 24 hours a day to write them all out and edit them sufficiently to make them publishable. At this moment I’m watching my grandson, Jack, beat on his coloring book with a pencil and shouting “Baton!” He’s having a great time making me laugh at his outrageous behavior. We are here to celebrate the birthday of Emma, Jack’s sister and our granddaughter. Emma will be 6 on Tuesday. Jack will be 3 in February. I’ll be 61 on April 8, so don’t forget to send me a greeting. You can post a comment to one of my posts with the birthday wish. Mark your calendar so you don’t forget! Gotta go, lunch is being served.

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