No News Is Good News

Yes, that’s right. Sometimes, no news is just as good as good news. Right now, I’m not listening to news and I feel pretty good about it. I do this from time to time, just to get my mind back into the groove. Which groove that is, I will find out when I get in it. news

I generally absorb lots of news. NPR, CBS, ABC, Reuters, BBC, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, New York Times, local radio programming, magazines, and tons of online news sites. I like news, especially the stuff I can depend on and that doesn’t come by way of call-in talk shows and rumor mills. Sometimes, however, I get filled up with news and then I stop reading and stop listening. That’s the mode I’m in right now.

Certain news stories get old pretty fast, and every now and then the ones that age very quickly are the same ones that stay around way too long. I’m not going into details here, but I just got tired of hearing about the same things day in and day out. Perhaps it’s because there’s no real planet-level distaster going on, or because most politicians are behaving themselves lately. Whatever the reason, some stories are being beaten to death. Or rather, the public is being beaten to death with the news stories. Or perhaps I’m just in a funky mood and feel like withdrawing from the world for a while. Yes, that’s probably it.

Getting news is time-consuming and, if it’s done properly, it’s challenging. You have to be careful about what you’re reading and hearing, and have to evaluate the source as well as the content itself. You have to weigh it against what you already know about the subject matter, and then have to judge it based on your own knowledge and prejudices. Yes, we all have both knowledge and prejudices. We just need to know what our prejudices are and learn how to deal with them when we absorb news.

Because absorbing news is not easy, it is nice to take a break once in a while. My break is now. Take notes, please. I might need some help getting up to speed when I tune back in.

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