Not My Erin Long

I was YouTubing the other day, and was thinking about my physical training at the same time. Suddenly, I wondered if my trainer, Erin Long of Kachmann Mind Body Institute, might have posted some physical training videos on YouTube. I searched for her name and BINGO! I clicked on the link and was taken to a video of Erin Long, Personal Trainer. Here is Erin Long in her video:

It’s really nice having video to watch to be reminded of certain exercises and their proper execution. The only problem here is that the Erin Long in this video IS NOT MY ERIN LONG. Well, Erin Long is not really MINE, but you know what I mean. The one in this video is not the one who is employed at Kachmann Mind Body Institute in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She is a counterfeit Erin Long, posing as a personal trainer in Florida. She has stolen my Erin Long’s name and profession, and is probably making big bucks down there in Florida, pretending that she is Erin Long and convincing unsuspecting clients that they are being trained by the real Erin Long. I’ve read about cases where people have stolen identities and used the name and credentials of others to their own benefit. Now I have a real-life example of such heinous behavior.

Whoever that red-haired young woman in the video is, I think she probably had a pretty good idea when she decided to post a video about personal training. It really is helpful to see someone actually performing exercises. It’s just too bad that it was done by an impostor.

I think the Erin Long I know should post a video titled “The Real Erin Long – Personal Trainer.” It would be great if we could get a real Internet battle going between the real Erin Long and the fake one in Florida. It could be the next Web sensation, and might even result in a reality show.

You just don’t know what you can believe on the Internet.

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