On the Bike

I took my bike to Franke Park at 6 pm and met several bikers who helped me find my way around some of the trails.  I was exhausted after 20 minutes but hung on for another 20 before deciding that I needed lower gears and different shoes.  The low areas were muddy and were difficult to maneuver through.  I banged up my left leg somehow (I wish I could remember the details) and, somehow, scraped my right leg with my front sprocket.  The resulting wound looks like I was attacked by a large cat.  The trails are near the zoo, so an attack by a large cat could have happened.

Although my session was short, the workout was good.  Next time, I’ll be more prepared and hopefully the trails will by drier.  Till then, and until my low gear issue is addressed, I’ll stick to the roads.  I rode 12 miles on county roads yesterday after hauling the bike on my car rack to Buckner Park and riding from there.  That was a good aerobic workout but, when I had finished, I felt as if I could have done more.   Why didn’t I?  Can’t say for sure.

I’m working on a new piece about the structure of the universe.  It should be posted soon.

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