I chose the domain because my original idea was for a Web site dedicated to exposing and commenting on the fouling of Earth with rubbish and poisons.  I feel strongly, as many others do, about the disregard many people show for the cleanliness of our planet.  Needless to say, I was able to find […]

Barbershop Network

Drake Jensen, in the barber’s chair, relaxes while Ned Yoder ties the white paper band around his neck.  It always makes Drake think of those ancient photographs of solemn men sitting bolt upright in stiff starched collars, glaring full-faced, wide-eyed, and unafraid at, perhaps, an imminent explosion.  After the paper collar is on, Ned always […]

Useful Phrases

It wasn’t long after I started writing fiction that I realized I could use some help.  Even after reading hundreds of novels and many stories, I knew that I was still unschooled in the science, or craft, of fiction.  In those days before the Internet, I spent many hours in libraries walking the aisles, reading […]


“Hello, Apple.  Thanks for stopping by today.”  Dorothy Goodrich reached across her desk and shook the hand of Apple Tenfingers, an applicant for a supervisor’s job in Dorothy’s company, Dorothy’s Delights. Apple smiled at Dorothy and nodded.  Apple had a pleasant smile and seemed relaxed and comfortable.  Dorothy was immediately taken by Apple’s charm. “Please […]

The Budget

A New York Times article describes Barack Obama’s budget, and details some of the political pressures against its proposed provisions.  Reading such a treatise on the resistance to Obama’s initiatives makes one wonder how anyone could put much stock into the campaign rhetoric of a presidential candidate who must go head to head with the […]

Salem Peyatt

Salem Peyatt was not the strongest man in Grovetown, Indiana in 1902.  Neither was he the fastest man, or the largest man.  He was, however, the blackest man, and was therefore the toughest.  It was either be the toughest or not be there at all, because besides his grandmother he was the only black human […]


Digitus meant finger to the Romans and gave us our word digit which means finger too, but as years went by became a word for number, since fingers count things (crudely but ably). It takes most of the digits of one hand to write numbers on paper or even letters for that matter – individual […]


One sleepless night I had a dream About a shapeless beast. It had no head, no eyes, no tail, No teeth with which to feast. I heard it, though.  It drifted in Beneath my bolted door And whistled through the cracks between The boards upon my floor. I filled with fear.  My once-still room Now […]

Benno Traut

Benno Traut was nearly an American.  He had lived in this country long enough to learn the buzzwords and favorite phrases of the dynamic entrepreneurial class – the segment of America that he had decided, even in Germany, to make his own.  He transformed himself, over the five year period since his decision, from an […]

Such Things Can Be

Ambrose Bierce is alive.  He dwells in the mind of Theodore Pane, a thirty-five year old unemployed bartender.  Pane tended bars because he enjoyed working at night and because he liked to talk to people.  He is unemployed because now his nights are filled with episodes from Bierce’s life, and some of the people he […]

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