I don’t know how you’re doing these days, but I’ve been experiencing pain. The level of pain is not something I can’t deal with. I don’t take drugs for it. But it sure can be aggravating. Ouch!

Pain comes with the turf, so they say. The turf I’m referring to is advancing age. I’m not sure which age is considered to be advanced, but I think I’m in it right now. That would explain, at least partially, why my pain begins and why it hangs on so long.

The pain I’m having these days is related mostly to joints (shoulders, fingers) and tendons (as in tennis elbow). I’m not looking for pity, since my present state of health is pretty good and my pain level is really relatively low. Others in different circumstances are having pain that is not minor and that must be addressed with potent drugs. I have great sympathy for them and hope that someday someone will develop some sort of innocuous but effective treatment for the pain that so many people have to endure. I will contribute money to such efforts.

What is aggravating for me is that (these days in my advancing age) the pain isn’t easily turned back. The pain that has found me as a friend is stubborn. Once having found a friend, it doesn’t want to let go. I know, I shouldn’t complain too much because I don’t take pills to curb it. That’s my own decision and, so far, I have stuck with it. I’m conflicted about how to deal with having a symptom (pain) that is annoying and uncomfortable. I made the decision quite a long time ago to go it alone, so to speak, and let my body heal itself of whatever it is that causes the pain while not taking anything that will mask or assuage the symptoms. Besides, common pain killers such as aspirin and acetaminophen cause me various forms of discomfort themselves. So, in general, I leave them in their respective bottles for a later day.

Weather sometimes seems to impact pain that’s related to joints. That could indicate arthritis. I hope not, but if it does, that means I’m just one of 46 million Americans that have reported symptoms of arthritis. Arthritic pain is the kind that comes and goes in many cases, and is generally dealt with in stride by those who have it. You get used to such things, and hope that the level of pain doesn’t become intolerable.

Grumbling about pain helps a little. You get to verbalize the discomfort you’re experiencing, thereby sharing it with someone else. That might cause pain for the other person, but it sometimes helps you feel just a little bit better.

Thanks for listening, and I hope this hasn’t been too painful for you.

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