My 2 year cellular contract came up for renewal recently and, of course, I was beseiged with email and snail mail notifications of the historic event. I’m in the “new every 2” program, meaning I can get a new cell phone (whether I need one or not) every 2 years and, to assist me in obtaining the new phone, I get a rebate incentive to help me justify the change.

I’m not a techno-freak, but I do have more than a passing interest in the capabilities of today’s cell phones and their more sophisticated cousins, the PDAs. PDA is the acronym for personal digital assistant. Perhaps you have one. Many people use them in their jobs. Others use them for fun and to keep up to date on the news, sports, and the entertainment industry. I had never owned a PDA. Until now.

My wireless carrier advertised a special on the Blackberry Curve 8330. The price was $49.95. Interestingly enough, my “new every 2” credit was $50. That meant the Curve would be virtually free. After considering the purchase overnight, and also considering the additional monthly cost of $30 for the unlimited web browsing and emailing with the Curve, I decided to spring for it. Will I get $30 worth of utility and pleasure each month out of my new toy? I guess I will know for sure after a few months of use.

I’m not an obsessive-compulsive texter, but I do use the feature. I see kids wandering around in stores and on streets, holding their phones and texting away while they bump into stationery objects and other people, oblivious to the world around them. Of course, this oblivion is carried into the driver seats of cars, where, as we all know, the most outrageous form of texting takes place.

I went for a walk yesterday with my Blackberry in hand. Before long, I was walking along, trying to read the news and figure out what all the colorful icons on the screen are for. I lost track of my route and almost walked into a curb. Now this is scary. I have to get control of this right now or I could end up with a serious problem. I could become indistinguishable from the teeny boppers I love to make fun of. Well, almost indistinguishable.

Wish me luck with my new sidekick. We’re sure to have some interesting times together.

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