It’s raining again this morning. So much for biking to work.

I could bike in the rain if I really wanted to. My bike doesn’t have fenders, however, and riding through mud and puddles would turn me into a muddy sopping mess by the time I reached my destination. I’ve done that before and have had to suffer through the day with damp and dirty clothes. That is no fun. I could buy a rain suit but so far haven’t been able to muster up enough interest in it to do so. I could buy a “commuter” bike that has all the hardware (including fenders) that would help me get through the bad weather days. Perhaps someday.

I don’t want to complain about rain since it’s a valuable asset. When we have just enough we’re happy. When we have too much we want less. And when we have too little we want more. I think we have too much when the low section of Bass Road between Hadley and the entrance to Wescott Ridge floods over. Another indication of too much rain is when my sump pump discharges at one minute intervals. Pretty scary.

In a month or so, we might be grumbling because our lawns need watering. Right now, my lawn is dark green and needs cutting twice a week. By the end of July it should be looking thirsty and frail. With Aqua Indiana’s constantly rising rates, I won’t be watering the lawn when rain is scarce. The grass will have to fend for itself.

But check out the average monthly rainfall for Fort Wayne. I was surprised to see so little difference in rainfall amounts in April, May, June, July, and August. We think of April as being the rainy month, but more rain falls in July than in April.

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Annual
Inch 1.96 1.91 2.86 3.75 3.77 3.99 4.05 3.41 3.11 2.91 3.25 2.93 37.90

Another statistic I found is that there are 128 days per year with measurable precipitation. That means that if I never biked to work on a rain day, I would only be able to bike approximately 2 days out of three. If I want to get serious about this biking business, I surely must invest in something to allow me to bike nearly every day (during the spring, summer, and fall). I think fenders would be the least bothersome, since wearing a rain suit (especially during warm weather) would make for a very warm and sweaty ride.

I’ll evaluate my options on the next rainy day. I shouldn’t have to wait long.

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