Viewpoint, supposition, prejudice, morality, dogma, and stupidity.  These are some of the things that control how humans perceive and judge events and other humans.  Is reality out there somewhere?  Would we recognize it if we see it?  Who is to say what constitutes reality?  Each of us lives our own reality, and we are devout believers in the idea that others failing to live in our reality are living a fantasy.  Come on now; you can’t deny it.  It’s the way we are.

What are the odds of peace when there are so many realities and they are so different?  How can people ever accept and understand other people who refuse to occupy the same universe?  Yes, it’s true.  Our worlds are so different and so disjointed that they might as well be in disconnected universes, except that our universes touch and we can pass back and forth between them.  Being able to migrate back and forth, we have ample opportunity for ridicule, confrontation, bigotry, and genocide: Just the things that can diminish and even destroy any human universe.

We’ve lived through eons of discord and violence caused by the clash of cultures.  When we fail to convert those in other universes to our way, we subjugate or kill them.  Those are handy ways to bridge the gulf between universes.  They must be handy because they’ve been in common use for so long.  Leave it to us to find the most effective, most expedient methods for solving problems.  That’s why we occupy our position at the top of the heap in the animal kingdom.  We always seem to be able to deal with difficult issues.

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