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I am so happy. I can’t believe my good fortune.

I’ve been using the online dictionary of and thesaurus of for over a year. They are accessible at the same place, and are run by the same organization. I like using both of these tools because they are easy to use and provide fast information. I had used the online dictionary of Merriam-Webster previously, but many times would input a word whose meaning could only be accessed by purchasing the “premium” version. I didn’t purchase anything, but instead turned to my trusty Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary and Roget’s Thesaurus, both in heavy hardcover editions that I had to pull down off my bookshelf. Online word research only went so far before it started costing money.

Then I found

Now I am extraordinarily happy. The good folks at have developed an application for the BlackBerry! And it works!!

You can find that app here. If you have a BlackBerry, you would be foolish not to download and use this precious app. It is something I have craved for many years – a dictionary at my fingertips 24 hours a day. Now I can be really dangerous. I will no longer have to jot down words I run into that I must check for meaning or usage. Now I can get a nearly instantaneous definition of a word whenever I need it. For example, I was reading a magazine yesterday while exercising on my elliptical machine. I found some words that needed checking. One word was sanguine. Another was amanuensis. I got quick definitions for those words without having to climb off the machine and get on my computer or climb the ladder to reach the bookshelf. That was wonderful.

There will be times when I’ll need more comprehensive word coverage than is available with my new app. It’s good for quick answers when you’re on the run or just don’t want to take the time to learn the entire history of a particular word. In 90% of the cases, that’s all I need.

Of course, when I run into a phrase or a name that I want to know more about, all I have to do is use the Google app on my BlackBerry and I get the information I want. I was extraordinarily happy after I installed that wonderful tool, too. It’s totally amazing and totally empowering to have this stuff available at my beck and call. I still have a hard time believing it’s true. Somebody pinch me.

I wonder what Dr Samuel Johnson would say about my new BlackBerry app. Come to think of it, I wonder what he’d say about my BlackBerry.

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  1. dan koch
    dan koch October 29, 2009 at 8:56 pm | |

    Speaking of dictionaries did you know that a major contributor to the Oxford English Dictionary was W.C. Minor. He was a civil war surgeon, and was imprisoned in a mental hospital in England for murder. While in the mental hospital he did his work on the dictionary. If you would like to learn more read The Professor and the Madman.

  2. dumpster
    dumpster October 30, 2009 at 6:29 am | |

    Sounds like a good story. I’ll put Minor on my list of obscure but interesting people to research.

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