I struggled last night on my bicycle.  I admit I was a little fatigued before starting out, but I never expected to have such a difficult time pedaling that machine.  It was not only difficult on the inclines and against the wind, but I couldn’t even work up any speed on the straightaways and with the wind! It amazed and frustrated me.  But I endured, and managed to get in a good 45 minutes.  Heading back to the barn, so to speak, I dismounted in the driveway using my legacy dismounting tactic of standing on the left pedal and swinging my right leg over the seat.  This was something I did as a kid.  It just seems so natural and simple that I continued it into adulthood.  Besides, I have short legs and it’s sometimes difficult swinging my leg over the seat while standing on the ground.  At any rate, once dismounted, I pushed the bike into the garage, huffing and puffing, and noticed some resistance.  I looked down and saw that a rear brake pad was rubbing on the wheel.

I adjusted the brake and set off down the street again, in wonder at how easily I now glided along.

What other minor adjustments could I make, mechanically, intellectually, and philosophically, that would decrease resistance and make for a more pleasant ride?  I think the opportunities are boundless.

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