Schwinn 418 Inner Workings

Here’s a breathtaking video of the innards of my Schwinn 418 elliptical trainer. The flywheel (on the right) is stationary in this video but turns when the trainer is in use. The device to the left of the wheel resembles a brake shoe but is equipped with a series of magnets. As the resistance level is changed by the user or by the onboard computer program for a particular exercise routine, the shoe changes position so that the magnetic force on the wheel increases or decreases. No physical contact is made between the shoe and the wheel. I made the video so that I could show it to Schwinn technicians in the hope that they can tell me how to correct a problem with decreasing ability to increase the resistance. Prepare yourself for a short segment of annoying static noise near the middle of the video. I’m not sure what caused it.


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