Second Training Session

Yes, I went back for more. I figured it was a good time for the second session, since most of the pain from the first session had almost disappeared.

I forgot to take my water bottle tonight, so I had to use a paper cup provided by the kind people at Kachmann Mind Body. The water is pretty good there.

Erin Long conducted me through three sets of exercises tonight. They were all different from those I did in the first session last week. Several exercises stretched my upper legs in various ways. Several involved weights and my arms. Several were done on the mat. In fact, two of those performed on the mat were the most difficult for me and they proved to be the most exhausting.

One of the mat exercises is performed on the back. Erian had me cross one leg over the other, and I did crunches by bending my upper body forward and bringing my crossed legs up toward my rising head. It seemed as if I performed that hundreds of times, but I only did a total of 60. It became increasingly more difficult as my hour wore on, until my last repetition was almost impossible to complete. Another exercise that was difficult was also a crunch, this time with my legs in a vertical position. My legs starting quivering into the second set and they were shaking so hard in the third that Erin had me drop my legs down to stop the shaking. I was surprised that this exercise proved so difficult for me. Maybe it has something to do with my weak abdominal muscles.

I assume I’ll be getting sore all over again, possibly in different places than where I was sore last week. Pain is pleasurable in at least one way. It reminds me that I’m still alive.

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