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Some confusion occurred, as it has in the past, when I posted pieces of fiction after a string of regular journal entries. All posts on my site are identified as belonging to one of four categories. Those categories are History, Journal, Tales, and Verse. This information can be found on my site by following the “About” link in the header area. I won’t explain any further about the categories since I expect that you will click on the link in the preceding sentence and read for yourself what the categories designate. The best thing to remember is to check the string of small characters just below the title of each blog post. Here is what this looks like:

Posted September 15, 2009 – 5:38 am in: Tales

The blue word tells you which category the post is in. If you see the word “Tales,” you aren’t expected to believe everything in that particular post. A tale is an account of events that contains fictional stuff, or make-believe as some might say. If you’re reading a tale on my site, you’re reading something I wrote but didn’t necessarily actually experience.

You should also click on the other links just below the header on this page. It doesn’t take long to read the stuff and you might be better prepared to deal with the posts that appear here.

I watched Notre Dame squeak one out over Michigan State today. Denise (my daughter) and Trevor (my grandson) attended the game. Denise slapped hands before the game with Vince Vaughan, who was walking behind the ND team as they marched across campus to the stadium. Denise reported that Vince was hot and sexy.

I biked 21 miles today. Approximately 9 of those were directly into the wind. That was a difficult workout. During the ride, I saw two farmers harvesting corn. I have no idea why they were doing that so early. The corn plants were almost entirely green.

I grilled filet mignon for supper just to make sure we get a bit of protein and iron from time to time. They were  tender, tasty, and perfectly cooked. I like filets because there’s nothing left on the plate when you finish.

The Johnny Appleseed Festival is underway in Fort Wayne. It’s named for Johnny Appleseed because he is buried here. I did not go today, and may not go tomorrow either.

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