Sore Fingers

I biked to work today for the first time this year. Temperature outside was 30 degrees F when I left the house. I drove the car, with my bike stuffed inside, to the Scott’s parking lot at 14 and Scott. I parked there, got the bike out, strapped my backpack on, and headed out. Within 5 minutes I sensed several challenges. Number One was my failure to gauge the effect of the cold on my bare fingers. I wore bike gloves, but they are not insulated and are fingerless. Number Two was the fog, which seemed to grow in density as I pedaled. I took the bike trail as much as possible, but with cars coming at me from the opposite direction and virtually igniting the frigid fog with their headlights, it was often impossible to see the trail ahead. Blowing on my fingers became a matter of their survival. I must have ended up with a touch of frostbite because they were sore and tender the rest of the day.

Last night I visited my friends at Kachmann Mind Body Institute. Erin Long was there (of course) and directed the evening’s activities. One of our first acts was a pushup with a pulse. She told us to do 15 and I made the mistake of making it look easy, so she whipped another 5 on me and I had to do 20. By the third set of those things, coupled with various exercises with weights, I was so weak that I had to finish the last 5 on my knees. Another exercise that majorly impacted my body was a walking lunge with weights. Not only did we have to lunge forward across the floor, but we had to lunge backward to where we started, twice for three sets!  This exercise must have been concocted by a sinister demon from the darkest depths of the Underworld. My legs and butt are sore, even after a 45 minute walk and two 30 minute bike trips today.

Sitting here on this couch as I am right now, my back is getting tighter and is somewhat painful. My calves are stiff and sore, and my head is starting to shrink. My fingers are breaking off on the keyboard and are rolling onto the floor. I’m listening to Queen’s Greatest Hits and have a strong urge to jump off the deck into the pond.

Oh, excuse me. I got a bit carried away in that last paragraph.

I am sore, but I think the walking and biking help to keep my muscles and other stuff from getting REALLY sore.

I’ll be back on my bike in the morning. At least I think I will. I’m pretty sure anyway.

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