Still Working Out

Yes, I’m still doing it at Kachmann Mind Body Institute in Fort Wayne.

Erin Long

I’m doing the Open Training sessions, instructed by Erin Long.

I’m bigger (in a philosophical way), badder, and tougher than I was a year ago. Yes, it was almost a year ago that I started my sessions at Kachmann. In fact, I first blogged about attending the sessions on October 10, 2009. You can find that entry here. It’s been an interesting year. Although I haven’t blogged about each and every session, I rarely miss a week. I attend on Mondays at 5:30 p.m. If you read about my first visit, you’ll get an idea of what I was thinking when I started. My goals were modest and I didn’t have specific results in mind (such as pounds to lose or diameter of biceps), but I did have some general ideas about what I was looking for. I think I’ve accomplished much of what I wanted. My posture has improved somewhat, thanks to Erin and my personal effort to work on it every day. Erin suggested several months ago that I try yoga to help strengthen and stretch muscles that would assist my goal of improving my posture. I followed her advice and have been taking yoga classes at the Kachmann Institute nearly every week. Some weeks I’m there three days, one for my open training session and two for yoga.

The problem with all this working out (which includes riding my bicycle to work and walking during my lunch hour) is that I have less time to read and write. I can only cram so much stuff into a 24 hour day, and if I cram too much the big loser in the process is my sleep time. Sleeping 5.5 to 6 hours per night during the work week over a period of weeks and months causes me to be sleepy most afternoons and I can’t make it up until the weekend. There are some weekends when I just can’t make the sleep up, and I start Monday morning in sleep debt. This is not a good practice, especially when I’m working at my job 45 to 50 hours per week. I don’t have much time for TV watching, except for True Blood and Hung.

At any rate, I’ve been trying to correct the sleep issue by getting more of it.

I’m also thinking that I need more of a challenge in my workouts. (If Erin reads this, I’ll be in trouble next Monday evening. She’s always ready to oblige anyone’s wish for more punishing workout exercises.) I feel as if I’m in “maintenance” mode now, which is probably not a bad thing. Perhaps I just need to do what I’m doing, only longer at a stretch or several times per week. When bicycling becomes harder to do because of the weather, I’d like to replace it with something. I use my elliptical trainer on days when I can’t get on my bike and I get a good workout on that, but that does little for my arms and other body parts besides my legs and lungs. I’m not sure exactly what I’m looking for, so I suppose I’ll keep thinking about it until something comes along and I act on it.

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Gee, I hope Erin doesn’t mind me using her photo here. At least I linked it to her actual Kachmann bio, not like I what I did to her name links here.

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