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I’m reading a book titled “The Elegant Universe” by Brian Greene. The book’s subtitle is “Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory.”

The book is Greene’s attempt to tell the history of superstring theory, which is (or rather, might be) a Theory of Everything, or T.O.E.  Superstring theory (or string theory) is an attempt by physicists to tie together quantum mechanics and the general theory of relativity. The basic idea behind string theory is that atomic stuff like electrons and quarks are not points but 1 dimensional strings. The existence of the strings has not been proven, partly because they cannot be seen by any technology we possess today. String theory is an idea that has been in development for decades and will probably continue to be worked on and agonized over by the world’s most astute scientists for many years to come.

String theory is not easy to understand. I won’t bother trying to explain any more than I have above, not because you wouldn’t understand it but because I am not capable of doing it. Yes, I’m reading the book and yes, I’m trying real hard to make sense of it. I’ve read a number of books about physics, quantum mechanics, and relativity over the years that were written by scientists but were intended for general readership. I have about as good a general understanding of such stuff as any other common person. But don’t ask me to explain any of it because the words it takes to put the ideas across are not in my vocabulary.

Like any T.O.E., string theory encompasses just about everything that physicists know anything about. That’s one reason that it’s so difficult to fathom. A theory that contains everything must by nature be an awesome theory. Everything is a lot of stuff, and an explanation for all of it, even if the explanation is considered beautiful and symmetrical by physicists, is bound to get pretty complicated. Take, for example, one aspect of string theory that deals with dimensions. Some string theorists believe that our universe is made up of  as many as 11 dimensions. An important part of the dimension portion of string theory is the Calabi-Yau manifold. A simple representation of that abstruse entity can be seen in the image above. The Calabi-Yau is supposed to convey the complexity of a six-dimensional space. Can you imagine residing is such an environment? The dimensions higher that the four we know (length, depth, width, and time) can apparently only be found in subatomic space. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a good place for them.

I have not yet finished Greene’s book. I will finish it soon. When I do, expect to know a bit more about string theory than I did before I started reading it. That will not necessarily make me a better person, or better prepare me for life’s ups and downs. But I believe it will make me realize that there is there is a whole lot about our universe that I know little about because I cannot observe it. In those cases, I depend on scientists to do the observing for me. I just hope that when they do, they have the words in their vocabularies that will help me understand a small portion of what they have seen. No strings attached.

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  1. Condocondor
    Condocondor October 22, 2010 at 12:00 am | |


    I have studied some channelled writings from a Being (Angel) called the KRYON who has given info on these things. He says the Universe was created at one instant after two dimensions “collided”. There was no “Big Bang” that can be traced to a “singularity”. The physical universe was a result of something that was already in existance in another dimension.

    The Kryon goes on to say that we’ll never discover the 2 missing physical laws of the Universe: Interdimensional Strong and Weak forces, until we discover interdimensional math. Interdimensional math cannot be Base 10 math, it must be Base 12 math. Then and only then will we discover the other 2 laws of the universe.

    Currently, of course, we only have Newton’s 4 laws. But Kryon says there are 6 laws! In Base 12 math the integer zero “0” is not nothing. In fact, zero in Base 12 interdimensional math will represent a very pregnant “Sum of all possibilities/probabilities”.

    The laws that govern the physical universe tend to break down when we look at very small or very large masses. In particular, the subatomic and the galactic levels. Newton’s Laws simply don’t operate anymore.

    GravityMagnetism are actually interdimensional forces that can be measured but it ain’t understood. Look at your refrigerator magnets. Where does that force come from? You can’t get something from nothing! It push/pulls from another dimension via cosmic strings.

    You’ll notice that our understanding of gravity fails to answer for the shape of the Milky Way and it’s spiral shape. The laws of gravity that we understand would not allow for such a shaped pin-wheel. So how did we get this pin wheel shape? Well, it’s not a singularity (blackhole). Kryon says a sigularity is an impossibility and we know it is but we have no other explanations, so we go against what we know and conjure a non-sensical theory. Kryon says it’s actually a pair of twin “black holes” in a push-pull configuration that “vents” energey between dimensions. Now we understand the shape of our Milky Way; it’s a pair of twins…one physical and one interdimensional.

    Oh and by the way, the Universe is made up of 12 dimensions. They forgot to count zero “0” as a dimension because they think “0” ain’t nothin.

    Humans actually reside on all of these dimensions and beyond, but our consciousness does not while we are incarnated in the physical plane. We reside on/in all of them concurrently with our earthly physical life. Some think that we are either on Earth or in Heaven but never both simultaneously. How linear is that thinking. We are Masters of the Universe pretending to be merely human–literally. How’s that for a mind blower???

    Shawn Watson

    1. dumpster
      dumpster October 22, 2010 at 5:07 am | |

      I don’t know if I can carry the burden of being a Master of the Universe, Shawn, but it certainly is an interesting idea. The idea of interdimensional relationships is very interesting. If different dimensions exist within the same universe, it seems logical that forces can move between them and that it will take a long time to understand why and how. If the Universe is composed of 12 dimensions, I wonder why. Any ideas?

  2. Condocondor
    Condocondor October 22, 2010 at 11:26 pm | |

    I might add that our universe is a dimensional universe because we have set it up that way. A dimension is an aspect of God through a particular lens or point of view. The mind of God is so huge, so utterly beyond discription, that even when we are not in the physical, we need to divide the universe into “dimensions” or “aspects” just to deal with it. There is consciousness beyond our dimensional universe. This is extra dimensional or unified awareness but we humans won’t reach these levels of awareness for eons. Dimensions could also be described metaphorically as a facet of God like a facet of a diamond through which light passes.

    The 5th dimension is the Christ Consciousness and beyond that there really is no more counting. It’s 1,2,3,4…All. 5=ALL. Beyond that there’s no earthly description possible other than to say at some point my consciousness and your consciousness as separate and distinct….disappears. We truely are One at the Higher levels–there is no separation or desire for “individuality”.

    Our Universe is acutally a small universe if you can believe that. Beyond that there is the “Multiverse”. Not all beings exist in a dimensional universe because not all Beings are Ascending, growing, learning. Not every Being elects to grow in a physical universe. Some grow non-physically. Some don’t grow…they just…ARE.

    The Master of the Universe was more of a quip. But I will say this much when we’ve mastered the physical dimension–we’ll move on. This is not our true high estate; not our true home. You know this. It is our spiritual “classroom” or labratory.

    12 is a sacred number. It’s no accident that the clock is divided into 12 hours, the calender into 12 months, our DNA into 12 layers, etc… You’ll find “12” in many other things as well.

    Yes, it is logical that forces can move between dimensions because there is an extra dimensional intelligence/force governing,coordinating, dynamically, and instantaneously aware of everything including itself. We think the fastest thing in the universe is light. That’s laughable because awareness is instant and rides on the Cosmic Lattice. Love is instant and omni-present. There must be quantum awareness…everywhere at once. It doesn’t take “time” to be everywhere because time does not exist ourside of the physical dimension.

    When I talk of past lives, there really is no such thing. Past, Present, and Future all exist in the Eternal Now. That is concurently. Yep, it’s all happening NOW! You might wonder how could this be? Well when we’re in the physical dimension we choose to experience lifetimes linearly even though they are all simultaneously interactive. Your current lifetime is now in the drivers seat of them all….all 804 lifetimes if that how many you’ve lived. Each lifetime takes it’s turn at the helm, while your Higher Self (which is above the Soul planes) coordinates inter-lifetime communication. This all takes place well above our earthly awareness. All of your lifetimes are unfolding right NOW…this second. They are all communicating with each other. No this is not predestination because all the lifetimes are interactive in a quantum way. They call it multi-incarnational trans-communication. So now you can now see that while things seem so unfair/unjust to the human, there is a ballancing act going on that is razor precise. “The Mills of God grind exceedingly long….but exceedingly fine.”

    Science and spirituality must eventually merge–there is no way around it. Everything and everyone is spiritual..

    I have Angels at my disposal, what are your next questions….about anything spiritual or metaphysical?

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