Test of New Version of WordPress, plus Charlie’s visit to South Bend

I just downloaded a new version of WordPress for BlackBerry and am now trying to use it. I’m typing this post on my BB and will hit the button to send it when I’m happy with the words.
It’s raining hard in South Bend where I happen to be at this moment. There is some lightning too, but mostly it’s just wet rather than scary. The high winds in the last storm to pass through here caused plenty of damage and power outages. Many businesses and residents are still without power and will be for a while yet.
Charlie Weis was in town for a few days and was interviewed by a reporter at the South Bend Tribune. He was here for a fund raiser for his Hannah & Friends charity and a celebrity golf tourney at Blackthorn.
I’m a little disappointed that Charlie didn’t try to hook up with me while he was in South Bend, but I know he was busy and he probably didn’t even know I’d be here. In fact, even if he had known I was here he probably wouldn’t have called. He doesn’t have my current cell phone number. Not to mention that he doesn’t know me.

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