The Beefburger, The Clam, and Advice for Husbands

I have a collection of poems by Ogden Nash, Everyone But Thee and Me, Little, Brown & Co, Boston, 1962. I bought the book somewhere in Ontario, Canada, probably 7 or 8 years ago. It’s full of outrageous verse that some folks would have trouble identifying as poetry. No matter to me. I like Ogden Nash and find most everything he wrote to have some value. I particularly enjoy Nash’s critiques of words and their usage. Here’s a fine example of his way of making fun of how we label things, from Page 123:

So “beefburger” was coined in order to cast aspersions on the lowly hamburger. If you don’t know anything about Ogden Nash, read about him here

Nash was known for his unconventional rhyming, which just made his stuff that much more funny. Here’s a poem from Page 66:
Read this poem several times to get into the flow. The last line is one of the funniest in the book. If you’re having trouble connecting, read it aloud. Preferably to someone with a sense of humor.

Nash was so esteemed that a postage stamp was dedicated to him.

According to Wikipedia, this stamp was the first in the history of the USPS to include the word “sex.”

In conclusion, I think it’s appropriate to include the last poem of the collection, one that Nash apparently deemed important enough to conclude the book with. I’m not saying I strictly follow his advice, which probably accounts for my periodic immersions in hot water.


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