The Neighbors’ Geese

When I crawled out of bed this morning, I looked across the pond and saw hundreds of geese in gathering behind the homes of two neighbors. This sight in itself is not unusual for people who dwell on ponds. What was interesting about it is that both hosts of the geese have gone out of their ways to keep geese out of their yards through the use of sticks,string, rocks, and other stationary hindrances. They both also employ guerrilla tactics such as running charges, war whoops, and rock throwing. It has been quite entertaining to watch and learn from such innovations in modern warfare.

It wasn’t long before one or both of the neighbors spotted the despised visitors and employed one of their favorite offensive tactics to repulse the invaders. I had left my position in front of the window for just a minute or two, then returned in time to see the geese scattered about on the opposite side of the pond. Party over!

No matter what methods humans use, the geese will outmaneuver and outlast us. Their need for greens to eat and space to roam is stronger and more persistent than our desire to keep our lawns to ourselves. We would save much time and expense if we just opened our lawns up and accepted the geese and their cousins, the ducks, as visitors and friends. All we need to do is convince ourselves that their ubuiquitous droppings are desirable and pleasant to walk on.


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