The Novel

I ran a word count on my novel and today it is composed of 146,573 words, 655,933 characters (not counting spaces), 802,245 characters including spaces, and 11,606 lines. The “characters including spaces” number means that I hit 802,245 keys on the computer to produce the text. This wasn’t done, however, until I had handwritten the entire novel on legal pads.

I accomplished the feat, for the most part, while working away from home for an extended period some years ago. I have revisited the document from time to time over the years, only to back away for one reason or another. I have a few major issues to resolve, including some minor inconsistencies and a few lead-ins that must be fulfilled or eliminated. I intend to submit the thing to a publisher or an agent after I complete the current round of editing.

I’ve enjoyed working through it again. I have actually laughed out loud reading some of the scenes. And when I laugh, it makes me think that I might really be able get it published some day. Reading other sections makes me wonder if a publisher could really be interested in such a story. Perhaps the right publisher will.

The novel begins in 1912 and ends in 1915. It’s written in first person, and is narrated by George Belt, a high school kid in the fictional town of Stillwater, Indiana. George and his friends have a lot of setbacks in their effort to play basketball in Northern Indiana. They have some success, too.

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