The Tale of Brett Kavanaugh

This is the tale of Brett Kavanaugh
When he treated the Senate to Shock and Awe.
He showed his mettle and bared his soul
And tried his best to apply damage control
To the growing number of damning reports
About his youthful penchant for lecherous sports.
He stuttered and stammered and blubbered, poor guy
And whined and whimpered and made himself cry.
He twisted his face in frightening contortions
And twisted the truth in massive proportions.
In answering questions he wins the award
For racking up the most questions ignored
And responding with a self-righteous disdain
For the questioners, slowly going insane
Because Brett didn’t come to cooperate.
He came only to chastise and obfuscate.
What he really showed in his verbal attack
Is that Brett Kavanaugh is a political hack.
Blaming the Clintons for most of his trouble
And the rest of the Democrats for bursting his bubble.
Now he must wait in anticipation
While the FBI checks with a growing nation
Of women reporting Brett’s villainous past
And telling their stories of Brett at last.

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