The Trip – Day 1


We left home this morning at 5:38. I had a difficult time loading all the stuff in the car, but Barb took over the job and, as usual, made everything fit. We stopped at Starbucks at Village of Coventry for caffeine, then got on I 69 and headed south. In Indy we took I 465 South to I 70, then west on 70. We stopped at a Pilot station near Brazil for our first pit stop. The restrooms passed inspection. More coffee there, then westward on I 70.

At St Louis we somehow managed to find our way to I 44 South. Throwing fate to the wind, we followed that road past Springfield, Missouri (home of the world headquarters of the Bass Pro Shops) and on to Joplin, where we stopped at our second Pilot station of the day for fuel and to inspect restrooms. They were tolerable.

Since I 44 worked well for so many miles, we decided to stay on it and some hours later found ourselves in the lobby of a Comfort Suites hotel in Oklahoma City, except that we were no longer on I 44 but somehow fumbled our way onto I 40. We thought, what the heck, we’re tired and hungry too so we checked in and guess what. A Cracker Barrel happened to be within walking distance. So before we knew it we were devouring great cold salads with grilled chicken. It was a raucous place though, filled to the walls with chattering kids and wild seniors.

After dinner we returned to our car and found two very old and very classic cars, one parked next to us and the other close by. Both had Indiana license plates. I couldn’t help but snap pictures.





Nice cars. I thought about returning to the Cracker Barrel to search for the fellow Hoosiers but Barb talked me out of it.

A bit later we found an outlet mall and wandered around, stretching and trying to regain circulation in our extremities. We were at least partially successful.

Back at the hotel, we’re wondering where we might end up tomorrow.


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