The Trip – Day 12

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

We had breakfast this morning in the very pleasant courtyard of the Horton Grand Hotel. While waiting to be served, Barb and I started wondering what happens when it rains in the courtyard. Barb asked the server about it. He said that it rarely rains, so they don’t worry about it much. If it does rain, people just go into the dining room. One more deep mystery solved.

We waited a very long time for breakfast. I think it was because I ordered the steel cut oatmeal, which, according to the menu is “slow cooked.” I believe it’s true. It was good though, even though I did not add any of the brown sugar to it. The walnuts, raisins, and cranberries made it plenty sweet.

After breakfast, a valet brought our car to the front door of the hotel and helped us load up our stuff. Nice young man. He reminded me of my friend, Steve Vandewater, except that Steve is old and the valet is young.

“OK. Now where do we go?”

“Well, we can’t go any farther west unless we get on a ship. How about east?”

“East it is.”

And off we went, east. Mileage upon our departure was 52,759. Time was 8:13 a.m., Pacific. Temperature – 89 F.

Getting out of downtown San Diego was very easy. We used Google Maps to help us find our way. We made our way to Highway 94, then to Highway 125, then to I 8. We did lots of climbing and descending as we wound our way through the Laguna Mountains and gradually made our way down to the desert.

Some impressions of our drive today include the thick fragrance of sage, beautiful rock formations, wind turbines, solar energy collectors, massive cattle feed lots, green hay fields in the desert with thousands of very large hay bales stored outside, and the rain we encountered east of Yuma, AZ that lasted about 3 minutes. Drinking the water and taking showers in San Diego, and seeing all the cash crops being grown in what otherwise would be a very dry and useless desert, brought to mind our visit to the Hoover Dam where we learned how important the dam and the Colorado River is to so many people.

We had planned on staying overnight in El Paso, TX, but rain started again and continued, hard, in New Mexico until I decided to stop in Deming, NM instead of continuing another 100+ miles to El Paso. We found a Quality Inn and stopped for the night. Barb checked for bed bugs and other critters in the room, found none, and so the room was approved by the Chief Inspector of Travel Rooms. Mileage was 53,394, so we drove 635 miles today. Time of arrival at the hotel was 8 p.m. Mountain.

Out for the night.

Since we took no photos during the drive from San Diego, I’m posting a couple taken elsewhere.


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