The Trip – Day 7

Friday, September 4, 2014

Rising for the 3rd time in The Linq, we weren’t quite as refreshed as we were the first two nights. It was noisy last night, with doors slamming, loud people in the hallway, and various and sundry sounds emanating from the room next door. We’re wondering if this is common in Las Vegas; that more people and louder people show up on Thursday nights. Well, we won’t be around to see if it holds true for Friday nights as well.

We got our luggage loaded and ready for departure, then walked out of the hotel and into a nearby Starbucks. We ordered coffee and breakfast sandwiches. I had a reward star on my Starbucks app and tried to collect it, but the young lady behind the counter told me that they don’t do the rewards. Boo Starbucks.

I scorched my mouth on an over-nuked egg and bun, then furthered the damaged with extremely hot brew. Not an auspicious way to start the day.

We returned to the hotel room, grabbed our bags, and debated whether or not we should leave our key cards in the room. I said I’d take mine along just in case. Good thing I did, because you need the key card, idiot, to run the elevators! Remember what happened on Wednesday?

Google Maps helped us make our way out of Las Vegas. In actuality, finding our way in to the hotel and back out again was really quite easy. If we ever return to this place – this Mecca for the dissolute – we would again stay at The Linq. There are probably nicer places but at least we gained enough familiarity with it to expedite a future trip.

“What are we going to do now?”

“What would you like to do?”

“Get the hell out of here.”

“OK, I can take care of that. But which way should we go?”

“I don’t know . . . what’s southwest of here? That direction seems like it’s calling me.”

“OK, off we go.”

So off we went, southwest on I 15. Mileage at the hotel before we left the parking garage was 52,421. Time was 7:58 a.m. Pacific. We stopped at an Arco station in Nevada after reading a billboard telling us we should gas up before hitting California. We did so. Price per gallon was $3.10. After fueling, we proceed southwest on I 15 and we hit the California state line at 9:01 a.m., mileage 52,464. We found ourselves climbing, then descending, then climbing, then descending as we made our way through valleys and mountains. The temperature remained surprisingly mild and stable – 74 to 82.

At 9:41, mileage 52,512, we pulled into a gas station in Baker for a pit stop. Highlight of that town for me was the “World’s Tallest Thermometer.”

We sidetracked onto I 215 and stopped at the Perris, CA exit and searched for restrooms and food. We found ourselves in a parking lot near Jenny’s Family Restaurant. We walked up to the entrance and hesitated to go in. The front door was not the prettiest sight in town. Our daughter, Denise, would have walked away without hesitation because she believes front doors of restaurant are good indicators of what’s inside. As we walked away, several people walked toward the door. I asked one of them if they had eaten at Jenny’s before. One of them had, and he said that he eats there quite often. That was enough for us, so we followed the others into the place.

Turns out that Jenny’s has very good food and less than desirable restrooms. Barb and I each ordered the soup, salad, and half sandwich lunch options. We were both stuffed by the time we stopped eating. Not only were the portions ample, they tasted good. Jenny’s needs to spend a little more time cleaning the restrooms, now that they’ve perfected the food making process.

We passed through an agricultural inspection at Yermo, where we had to slow down and let some guy in a uniform peek into our car and wave us through. We didn’t even have to stop. I don’t know what he was looking for. Must be something big.

Back on the road, we continued on to San Diego, our chosen destination. We arrived at the Keating House Bed and Breakfast at about 3 p.m. Mileage was 52,755, or 2,474 miles from where we started at home 7 days ago. Address of the place is 2331 Second Ave. We parked the car in front on the street and made our way up the stairway to the front door.

The Keating House

The Keating House

It was wide open, no screen door. Ben, one of the two proprietors (Doug is the other) was inside and greeted us when we stepped through the open door. “Do you always leave the door open?” I asked. “Yes, generally. We don’t have insects,” Ben replied. Well, that’s not quite true. I did see one fly having its way in the dining area, which is where Ben led us before he proceeded to give us a detailed overview of San Diego, the sites and wonders of the area, and enough information to make us aware that the Keating House is smack dab in the center of all sorts of wonderful things to see and do. Ben also gave us a small map with our location highlighted and several other potential destinations identified with a ball point pen.

We carried our luggage to the room and left immediately for Balboa Park to see what we could find. The walk took only about 15 minutes.

West entrance to Balboa Park

West entrance to Balboa Park

Balboa Park is huge and impressive. Lots of museums and other attractions are there, along with the San Diego Zoo entrance. We walked around and made mental notes of things that would be good to do. We returned to the Keating House neighborhood and found the Hob Nob Hill Restaurant, mentioned by Ben as a good place to eat. It is. Barb had a grilled scallop salad. I had a turkey sandwich with potato salad. The food was great. We’d definitely go back for more if we have the chance.

We visited a small market down the street from the Hob Nob Hill and found some great wine specials. Buy one, get the second for 5 cents. They also sell fruit, so we bought a couple of large apples.

We walked back to the Keating House and, after deciding we’d do the zoo tomorrow, fell asleep even though the B & B is very close to the path of airplanes landing at the San Diego Airport. It reminds me of home – 5710 LWW, west of South Bend, just south of the runway at the South Bend Airport.

By the way, the Keating House is not air conditioned. We sleep with the windows open and a steady, pleasant breeze keeps us very comfortable.

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