The Trip – Days 14 thru 17

Friday, September 11 thru Monday, September 14

We spent these days in Cedar Park, Texas with our son Pat, daughter-in-law Tricia, and grandchildren Emma and Jack. No need to brag about Emma and Jack except to say they’re charming and exceptionally intelligent, much like your grandkids.

Barb, Emma, and Jack

Barb, Emma, and Jack

We stayed with them longer than our original plan because we discovered about a week ago that Monday would be Grandparents’ Day at Jack’s school. We couldn’t very well pass up the opportunity to visit Jack at Reagan Elementary. But we encountered an unforeseen problem.

Barb woke up Saturday with a bad headache. As the day wore on, the headache worsened. She went to bed that night in a great deal of pain even after taking a pain killer to combat it. On Sunday morning we decided that it was time to get some help.

I drove Barb to a nearby emergency clinic but we were told they don’t accept Medicare. So we left and made our way to the Cedar Park Regional Medical Center. By then, Barb’s headache had reached the point where anyone seeing her understood that she needed help fast.  She looked miserable. Luckily, she was admitted quickly and was taken to a room where she was examined by an RN and a physician. The

Jack and pals Spencer and Skyler

Jack and pals Spencer and Skyler

physician ordered a CT scan to be sure there was no tumor or aneurysm. She also ordered a blood and urine test. In the meantime, Barb was given an IV and pain medication.

Several hours passed while we waited for the completion of the tests. During this time Barb tried to sleep while I sat next to her and wondered how long it would be until we could leave.

All tests were completed and the physician determined that the severe pain was probably caused by a sinus infection. We left the place holding four scrips for various drugs and a stack of papers explaining what had just happened to us.

It took two more days for Barb’s headache to go away. One of those days was Monday, the day of Jack’s school’s Grandparents’ Day. So I had to go without her. IMG_20150914_122217Jack missed her and so did I. But we tried to make the best of it.

By Monday evening, Barb was feeling a bit better and we decided that on Tuesday morning we would begin our trip home.


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