Theme Change and Reader Poll

I changed the appearance theme of earthdump a few minutes ago. The new theme is called “Gear.” I’m not sure why. The theme is free. It’s also pretty simple.

Changing themes using WordPress is very easy. One click is all it takes. You have to be careful, though, because themes vary not only in appearance but also in what you can display and do with them. After making the change, you have to display the new page and make sure something didn’t get lost in the shuffle.

One thing I gained when I switched to the new theme is that I am once again able to display my Twitter tweets on the right sidebar. For some reason, the previous theme would not display them. Not that they are important, or that anyone would really want to read them. But when they’re there, I am from time to time reminded that tweeting is available and that I might want to think about doing one.

I think there’s a WordPress widget that will allow me to post a poll. If I can find it, I’ll post one asking readers to let me know if they like the new theme better than the old one. OK, so I found a poll plug-in:

Not bad.

Just make sure you respond so I have a basis for my decision to keep the present theme or revert to the old.

I posted a photo yesterday on Facebook that attracted lots of attention. I put the same photo above, so that the whole world can enjoy and marvel at it. Perhaps someone somewhere can figure out what it is.

3 thoughts on “Theme Change and Reader Poll

  1. I’m testing a new plugin with this comment.

  2. I liked the last theme just fine. I’m not sure if or why this one would be superior. But, maybe I’ve forgotten something. Why do you like this theme better Bruce? Perhaps I can appreciate your appreciation?

  3. I like this better for several reasons Shawn. I think it looks better, it’s more manageable on the backend than the previous ones, I get ample support from the author of the software, and it cost me $39 so I feel obligated to use it!

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