This Morning

This morning, I thought I’d post an old story or other tidbit in my satchel of ancient writings, but I haven’t acted on that thought because it’s particularly difficult right now to decide which tidbit to throw at the world.  I have an unfinished novel (like many other aspiring novelists) that has a few presentable passages.  I could post a chapter or two of that.  Chapter 1 is in pretty good shape.  I think I need to tweak the final paragraph or two so that it doesn’t look like Chapter 1 of anything.  That way, readers will think that it’s just a story and there’s nothing missing.  I’m not sure that’s possible, however, because there are several references throughout the chapter to subsequent events and promises that something interesting is on the way.  It’s how things are done in longer writings.  You have to keep the interest of the readers, so you tease them in such a way to make them think they should keep reading in case something of value is coming their way.  They just have to hang in there to find out what.  You have to deliver, or you’ll lose readers forever if they think you’ve cheated them.

I’m not going to post that chapter this morning.  I’ll just go with this extemporaneous verbiage, hoping that the writing of it will spark something more substantial later in the day.  In the meantime, I’ll let my subconscious work.


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