Tim Hortons in Indiana!

Tim Horton, the Canadian hockey player, is not in Indiana. In fact, Tim is dead, having passed away in 1974 in car accident at the age of 44. But before he died, he managed to play 24 seasons in the NHL for various teams, including the Toronto Maple Leafs, the New York Rangers, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and the Buffalo Sabres. Besides playing hockey, he was a businessman, and opened a doughnut shop in Hamilton, Ontario. This shop was the first of many.

After Tim’s unfortunate passing, Horton’s share in the the doughnut shop franchise was purchased by Horton’s partner Ron Joyce from Horton’s widow for $1 million. Today, there are over 3,000 Tim Hortons shops in Canada and nearly 600 in the United States.

But there is only one in Indiana, and it’s in Richmond.

I saw it yesterday as I was traveling through the area. I couldn’t believe my eyes at first. I had heard that some Tim Hortons shops were being opened in the US, but had heard nothing about Indiana locations. To find one in Richmond was a pleasant, but baffling, surprise.

Barb and I have been vacationing in Canada for a number of years, and have enjoyed drinking coffee and eating at the ubiquitous Hortons shops throughout Ontario. We often wondered why we had never seen one of them in the US. Although there are now Tim Hortons in scattered US locations, I did not know there was one in Indiana until I saw the Richmond shop.

My sighting yesterday occurred when my friend Chris Osborne, driving the car on our business field trip to Richmond, happened to drive east on National Road into town. Since I was a passenger, I had time to do some sight seeing. And my sight rested on the Tim Hortons sign. I was so excited.

We stopped at the shop a few hours later on our way back to Fort Wayne. I bought a large coffee and treated Chris to a Coke. The baked goods looked delicious and the coffee smelled great. I asked the young woman behind the counter how long the shop had been open. She said it opened in 2008. She also told me that the shop is the only one in Indiana.

I would not drive to Richmond to get a Tim Hortons coffee, at least not from Fort Wayne. But if I’m within a few miles of one, I would certainly choose it over a Starbucks any time. Tim’s coffee is very good.

Too bad he’s not around to have a cup with me. But I promise to think of him whenever I find one of his shops.

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