I met Pat yesterday morning at Winona Lake and we rode the trails.  Let’s say he rode the trails and I did my best to stay upright.  I failed several times, the worst failure when I fell off a ramp and landed on my side with the bike on top of me.  I suffered a dandy bump and scrape on my right arm and a large bruise on my left leg.  Apart from those injuries, I finished in fairly good shape.  My new bike is great.  It fits my small frame and is very manageable.  The tires are a bit too smooth for use on rugged trails, however.  I’ll have to get some knobby ones to use for such excursions.

          Flying past large trees and missing them by inches, skirting along the edges of cliffs, jumping over logs, climbing steep hills and standing on the pedals for power, descending steep hills with my butt hovering a few inches above the rear tire for balance, crunching pedals into tree roots jutting above ground, watching what lies 50 feet ahead and deciding instantly how to adjust for it, splashing through puddles and small streams.  The experience of biking on narrow dirt trails woven among trees and meandering through rough and tumble terrain is difficult to relate.  Try it sometime.  It’s the only way to understand it.

          I took aspirin for my pain and to thin my blood in case my muscle bruise develops a clot.  I woke up this morning feeling pretty good.  My bumps are still there and my muscles ache but that’s about it.  I’ll get on my bike in a few minutes and go for a quick spin in the neighborhood.

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