Transfer Notice of My Fund

Yes, my fund has been transferred.

What’s remarkable about this is that it came so unexpectedly. I mean, I never once imagined that it would really happen.

What’s even more remarkable is how I received notification of this unexpected event.

It came from none other than Mrs. Farida Mzamber Waziri, chairperson of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission of Nigeria. If you find this hard to believe, I’ll show you the proof. I received an email from Mrs. Waziri the other day, and offer it as evidence:

My Names are Mrs. Farida Waziri the new Economic and Financial Crimes Commission chairperson in Nigeria and i understand you are expecting your delayed fund to be wired to you but some top government officials and bank partners will not tell you the truth about the whereabouts of your fund and all they are doing is to tell you to pay outrageous fees which you refused to come up with but I will not do that based on my conscience and that is why I have contacted you to let you know because i know you have gone far in trying to get this fund and must have paid some amounts of monies to persons you are not supposed to give out a dime to.I will be ready to help you get your fund but you have to help me keep it a secret to enable me help in delivering your fund as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission principal officer.You better believe me or forget contacting me again but i know that they will never tell you the truth. Get back to me and i will tell you the possible way to get your fund delivered to you without the consent of anyone because i know God will reward me after all.I expect your prompt response.

Yours Sincerely


Mrs Farida Mzamber Waziri

I know, it does seem a bit odd.

I truly do appreciate the notification, though. If Mrs. Waziri had not contacted me, it’s hard telling how long it might have been till I finally discovered the truth.

Something bothers me, though. I’m worried about Mrs. Waziri. I know that Nigeria has been having some internal strife, and I hope that has nothing to do with Mrs. Waziri’s email account being deleted.

Luckily, I have not “paid some amounts of monies to persons you are not supposed to give out a dime to.” At least, I don’t think I have.

I’m hoping Mrs. Waziri will contact me again. I really need to find out where my fund is. I’m sure Mrs. Waziri is taking good care of it, but I still have some concerns.

If you hear from Mrs. Waziri about your fund, please ask her to contact me again.


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