I often wear undershirts, especially in cool weather when the wind blows and penetrates the gaps between the buttons of my sport shirts.  I also wear them in warm weather if I happen to be wearing a sport shirt that contains a manmade fiber.  Stuff like polyester and rayon make me sweat and they don’t absorb moisture well, meaning that if I sweat in a polyester or rayon shirt, the sweat runs down my sides and tickles the daylights out of me.  I hate that.

          I own several styles of undershirts.  One is commonly referred to as “athletic style.”  These things look like basketball jerseys.  They seem always to be made of a ribbed form of cotton weave.  They have no sleeves and have only straps to keep them from falling down.  They don’t keep sweat from streaming out of my pits. Here’s an example:

Athletic Shirt

          I never wear them, and have recently taken to giving them away.  For some reason, the ribbed texture of the material drives my skin absolutely crazy.  I constantly scratch and rub my chest and back while wearing these things.  You can see, then, why I don’t like to wear them.  They probably contribute to the uptick in the populations of mental institutions.

          One big issue for me in regard to undershirts, besides comfort, is whether they can be seen from the outside.  I mean, are any parts of them exposed to the outside world?  You’ve seen guys wearing sport shirts and, unless the very top button is secured, the collars of their tee shirts can be readily seen peeking out around their necks.  This is not cool as far as I’m concerned.  I’ve even seen actors on TV or in movies wearing polo shirts with their tee shirts sticking out at their necks.  This is tasteless and should be illegal.

          Searching for a solution, I purchased tee shirts with V-necks, hoping the V design of the necks would keep them from being seen under sport shirts.  Sometimes, yes.  Mostly, no.  The V is usually not designed in such a way as to keep it out of sight.  Unless you’ve ever tried to wear these things under a shirt, you can’t imagine what it’s like.  You just never know if it will show or not, mainly because the distance between the neck button and the next button down on sport shirts varies considerably from one shirt to the next.  The real problem with these V-neck tees is that if someone notices the thing sticking out from behind your shirt, it’s obvious that you’re wearing it expecting that it won’t show but it shows anyway, making your effort look fruitless and silly.  I hate to look fruitless and silly.

          I’ve spent considerable time thinking about solutions for my conundrum.  The answer seems to be a standard tee shirt made of smooth cotton for comfort, sleeves to keep sweat from rolling down my sides, and a radically swooped neck to keep the collar way out of sight.  I’ve imagined such a garment and have formed mental pictures of it.  I’m not a seamster (can this be the masculine form of seamstress?) and so have little chance of making such a thing on my own.  I thought of making a sketch and sending it to Fruit of the Loom or Hanes.  Then, lo and behold, I found a photo of the very undershirt I’ve imagined.

Perfect Undershirt

          Yes, this guy is wearing the very undershirt I need!   You can readily see that almost any outer shirt would fit nicely over this one.  You could leave one or even two buttons unfastened, especially if you’re hairly like this guy and want to show off that chest fur.  I really need to find out where this shirt was made.  Does anyone have any ideas?

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  1. undershirtguy
    undershirtguy April 30, 2009 at 12:56 am | |

    Hey there!

    You might want to check out the undershirts at http://www.collectedthreads.com.

    Good Luck,

  2. dumpster
    dumpster April 30, 2009 at 6:22 am | |

    Thanks! Looks like you have what I need!

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