Where’s My Car??

Barb and I saw the latest Harry Potter movie this afternoon, then hit the nearby Barnes & Noble store for books and Starbucks. We walked out of Barnes & Noble about 4 hours after we had parked our car before the movie started. We walked into the parking lot to the approximate place where we had parked the car and it was Parkingnowhere to be seen. We walked back and forth, up and down, from aisle to aisle, lane to lane, searching and scratching our heads. Barb had the remote key with her, and tried sounding the car horn with it. Nothing. No horn, no lights. We were stumped, perplexed, and, finally, resigned to the apparent fact that our car had been stolen.

How could this happen in broad daylight? Who would want to steal a locked 2002 Nissan Altima? And one with a 4 cylinder engine and no sunroof! I was dumbfounded and angry, confused and perplexed. We decided, finally, to have one last walk around the lot to make sure the car was truly gone, and before I tried to find the city cop whose car was parked close by.

We started back across the lot, searching one row of cars after another, when I looked ahead to the next row of cars and saw a 2005 Ford Focus, just like mine.

It was mine. We had driven that car to the movie, not the Nissan.

As we walked past a woman sitting in a parked car who was talking on her cell phone, and who had watched us wander around for 10 minutes searching for our car, I hoped she wouldn’t observe us getting into the car that we should have been searching for but had not.

Shaking of heads, speculation about senility, and dialogue about the wiring of the human brain kept us awake on the drive home.

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