YouTube Quickie

Now you can make a video with your cell phone and instantly email it to YouTube for almost instantaneous posting. I tried out this application this morning and timed the process. It took 4 minutes after I shot the video to upload it and view it on YouTube. I got a confirmation email when the video was received. You can see the video here.

In order to do this, you must establish an account at YouTube (free), and set up a special YouTube email address. When you make the video, you just email it to the special address. YouTube recognizes your email address and accepts the video, no questions asked. You don’t have to enter a username and password. Pretty scary!

Granted, my video is pretty crappy, but even crappy videos can be interesting. I like the ones that make you wonder what the heck was going on. The ones where you get a brief glimpse into someone’s life, someone that you will never know but someone whose appearance and personality you can conjecture about. Take my video, for example. I spent a few seconds recording the grainy, creepy scene and, if I had to, I could make up an elaborate story about what it meant. I don’t have to, though. The viewers will take care of that. They will form an idea about me and about the images in the video. In this case, they might decide that I’m a foolish old fart with nothing better to do than post meaningless, pathetic scenes from my inconsequential life.

And what’s wrong with that??

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